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Bio of Darlene Bundage  darlene

Worked in children’s church and nursery at Windsor Village United Methodist Church in Houston, TX.

  • Licensed as minister by Rock of Christ Ministries Atlanta, GA – Volunteered at local TV station as prayer counselor in conjunction with ROCM prayer team.
  • Became member of prayer team at New Covenant Christian Ministries – Volunteered as prayer counselo r in support of NCCM television ministry.
  • Ordained by On The Move With Jesus, an outreach ministry, that reached out to citizens providing bible study within their homes.
  • Worked outreach ministry by going to and assisting homeless population in downtown Atlanta.

During Jacksonville, FL Residency became pastor of Cornerstone Church of The Living God; many people saved, healed and delivered as a result of our focus on prayer and fasting.  Our outreach effort included:

  • Street ministry (block party style) in collaboration with several other ministries
  • Revivals inside and outside the church walls
  • In partnership with Gleaners to feed the hungry
  • Provided shelter for the homeless
  • Intercession/Warfare/Standing in the gap
  • Healing/Deliverance/Restoration

Visited Haiti, by invitation, to minister at Reverend Bonaparte’s churches in Port-au-Prince, Haiti; Preached the word at three of his churches.  While there was also invited to minister at Pastor Solang’s Church located in Port-Au-Prince.

God has given me a mandate to go outside the church walls to partner with other ministries to reach the nation for Christ; Operating in a more evangelistic role than pastoral at this time.  Current efforts and focus includes:

  • A powerful early morning prayer line (8 AM EST) via (347) 326-9214.
  • Outreach/Youth Rallies – Cooperation with ministries reaching our youth
  • Crusades around the nation
  • Deliverance services to bring healing to our nation through prayer

Webmaster: Shawn Smith projectssmith@live.com


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