Praise Reports & Testimonies

Email Received 6/12/2013 – Thank you for praying for me last week I got a job offer on Monday prayer was for a job thank you. Denise in Alabama

Testimony 5/21/2013 – Premature baby Leland was at 2 pounds a few days ago. Thanks for your prayers my nephew is at 4 pounds now and out of the incubator. Also, thanks for deliverance from spirit of loneliness through the prophetic singing. Thanks for all on prayer line who help support me and help me with the spirit of loneliness. The tie that binds us is love. Thanks to Sister Darlene who reached out to me to invite me to pray at 5 o’clock in the morning. Brother Roger-Denver

Word of Knowledge Through a Dream – A bridge was seen collapsing in a dream on 5/21/2013. That morning Prayer Praise & Deliverance Prayer Team was asked to pray for the bridges around the world and protection of people on the bridges. These prayers can be heard on blogtalk radio at archived episode: – This word of knowledge and prayer are near the end of the program. The evening of Thursday 5/23/2013 around 7 PM the Skagit River Bridge on I-5 in the state of Washington collapsed. Only 2 vehicles fell into the river; however, miraculously nobody was killed. during this collapse. One survivor said all he could think of at that moment was MIRACLES. He could have been killed along with all other survivors who just suffered some injuries. God let us know in advance this would happen; therefore, we prayed. God answered our prayers to protect. Darlene the Evangelist

breath-of-god.jpgI had some money and wanted to do something with it. The Holy Ghost quickened my spirit to sow $20 into the ministry and I had the book to get the address to send the money. I went to the post office to send the money. The money starting to come from everywhere. I needed money to pay some bills and the money was coming from somewhere and everything I needed to do was done.  I needed insurance; I did not know where it was coming from. Everything that I needed came to me including tags for my car, I am so excited I just don’t know what to do. When you sow a seed God blesses you.  Dorothy – Miami

I have a client and I start working with her this week.  So, I’ll be working in my own business.  I also asked for my unemployment benefits and the adjudicator reversed the unemployment decision so I get unemployment benefits that were denied to me and I thank God.   God gave me what to say and the spirit what to say. The employer tried to come against me and attacked me.  I didn’t have to defend myself.  The adjudicator told them he couldn’t talk to me like that.  I thank God for fighting for his people; the answering of prayer. I thank you all for the fervent effectual prayer of the righteous man. And I thank God for Minister Darrell interceding for my son because he experienced some things in life that Minister Darrell went through his own self and sometimes we go through things we don’t understand.  Sometimes we may not understand why we go through something.  It’s not always for us. Sometimes it is for someone else. I thank God for you all.  Sarah – Florida


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